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Whether you are an avid fly fisherman or prefer a casual day by the stream with a spinner reel, everywhere we travel in the "Bob" is a fisherman's haven. 

Youngs Creek Fishing Trip 

  • 7 day - 6 night trip: first and last day spent riding to and from camp 

  • Entirety of trip is spent at our Hahn Camp location (not a roving style trip)

  • Fish the famous Youngs Creek, Danaher Creek, and South Fork of the Flathead River

  • Youngs Creek is a mere couple hundred yards from camp, or hike a couple miles to the confluence of the North Fork of the Flathead.

  • If fishing isn't your activity of choice, you can take a hike up Jumbo Mountain and visit one of the last few remaining active fire watch towers, or relax at camp.

  • Meals, tents, and cots are provided 


Cost: $3,000.00 / person 

All pack trips require a non-refundable $1,500 deposit to hold your spot 


Fishing in the "Bob" 

Love fishing but have your eye on a different summer pack trip? Don't fret, as all of our trips have ample opportunity to fish. 

On our roving summer trips, we have to set up camp near water so our horses and mules, as well as all humans have easy access to water. This close proximity to streams and rivers provides abundant time to fish after we arrive at camp and during layover days. 

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