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We will send a comprehensive list of specifics when you book a trip, but in general we provide food, filtered water, tents, cots, and a horse to ride. Items you will need to bring include clothes (think layers!), sleeping bag, water bottle, shoes to ride horses in (preferably flat sole with a heel such as a cowboy boot).

What do I need to bring on a summer pack trip? 

Is there a weight limit on what I can bring? 

Yes, you are limited to 25 pounds. This should be plenty to stay warm and dry. Underwear and socks should be the only thing you pack to wear clean every day. Other than that, think of ways to layer and plan to rewear pants and a couple different shirts. Our guides can easily pack everything they need for a 9 day trip in less than 20 pounds, so we don't find it unreasonable to ask you to limit it to 25. If you are having trouble figuring out what to bring or leave behind don't hesitate to reach out for advice.

What is the weather like? 

Montana weather is wildly unpredictable but we generally say plan for near freezing temps at night (can get down to low 30's even in July) and hot during the day (can reach the 90's). The best approach is to LAYER! Base layers such as Smartwool or Under Armor are great ways to stay warm at night and in the brisk mornings.

What do meals look like? 

Food on the trip is provided and prepared by our talented camp cook. You can expect meals to be well balanced and delicious. We provide breaskfast, lunch, dinner with dessert, and snacks. Due to weight and space limitations, we generally cannot do food subsitutes. If you have specific dietary restrictions, contact us about the feasibility of accomodating for those.

Do I need horseback riding experience? 

No riding experience is necessary. Our horses and mules are well trained and great at their job, they will take care of you along your journey.

Do we ride every day? 

Most of our summer trips are roving style trips, meaning we pick up and move camp instead of staying at the same spot the entire time. On the days we move camp locations we will ride, which is typically every other day. On the days we aren't moving (layover days), we do not ride. Our horses work extremely hard for us all summer, and they need a break just like we do in order to not get burnt out or sore. That being said, we pick our camping locations in areas that allow for endless adventure. We always camp near water, so world-class fishing is at your fingertips. And with hundreds of miles of trails in the "Bob" hiking is as easy as putting on your walking shoes. If you are looking for more relaxing than adventuring, kicking back with a good book is always encouraged too!

Is there a rider weight limit? 

Yes, contact us to speak more on this.

How many people will be on each trip? 

Our goal is to keep trips safe and ejoyable, as well as maintaining an intimate group setting. Therefore, we aim to keep groups no larger than 6 guests per trip. If you have a family or group larger than this, contact us and we can discuss options.

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