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Horseback Pack Trips

Danaher Meadows and Spring Flowers

Join us for a wilderness pack trip to the Danaher Valley during peak wildflower bloom. Not only are the wildflowers abundant, but so is the history of the Danaher Valley. Traveling over spectacular passes to reach the Danaher, this trip is a guest favorite.

7 days - 6 nights


Middle Fork Lakes and Monture Creek Trip 

Travel along Monture Creek with the promise of alpine lakes as a resting spot. This quick trip will pack a punch with views spanning from rocky canyons to wide valleys to glacier colored lakes. Coinciding with peak wildflower season, this trip will be colorful and memorable. 


5 days - 4 nights


Chinese Wall Trip 
(Half Moon Park) 

Visit the "Bobs" most iconic geological feature, the Chinese Wall. Running along the Continental Divide, unbroken rock standing over 1,000 feet high and 22 miles long, the Chinese Wall really is awe inspiring. Not only do we visit the Chinese Wall, but this 9 day trip gives you plenty of time to explore over 100 miles of the "Bob" on horseback. 

9 days - 8 nights 


High Country Alpine Lakes Trip 

There is something about a crystal clear, glacier blue lake sitting atop a Montana Mountain. Whether you decide to take a dip in the icy cold waters, fly fish around the shorelines, or relax with a good book in hand, this trip will leave you with postcard worthy pictures and even better memories. 

8 days - 7 nights


Youngs Creek Fishing Trip 

Pack your waders and rods and take a trip into some of the best backcountry fishing you can find in the continental U.S. With a chance to catch native species of trout while basking in the remote wilderness the "Bob" has to offer, this is a once in a lifetime fishing opportunity. 

6 days - 5 nights 



Packing Skills and Military Trainings 

Interested in learning how to pack and travel in the backcountry with horses and mules? We are adamant ​about sharing our love for the backcountry with those willing to learn. Whether you are new to packing or just want to brush up on your skills, our knowledgeable packers will share valuable insight on how to pack safely and effectively.  

5 days - 4 nights

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