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Welcome to the 'Bob'

Tired of the stresses brought about by everyday hustle and bustle? Ever listened to a babbling stream and whispering pines while sleeping under the stars?  Join us in the vast Montana wilderness to channel your inner adventurer.  Enjoy views of land untouched by man from horseback, eat tasty meals cooked over campfires, and catch native trout from clear rocky bottomed rivers.  Whether your backcountry goals are relaxing in the fresh Montana air or embarking on a fair chase hunt, we will guide you on the adventure of your dreams.  Start planning your trip now! 

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About Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters 

Specializing in backcountry horseback vacations through the summer and early fall, Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters will guide you into the pristine wilderness of the "Bob" for an unforgettable experience.  Our pack trips are generally 5-9 days in length, with supplies and food packed in on mules. We travel on horseback, with days in the saddle ranging from 2-6 hours.  Our well-trained horses are suitable for all rider levels, so no riding experience is necessary.  Since sleeping under the stars isn't for everyone, we pack in tents and cots to help assure a good night's rest.  Waking up is easy when you breathe in the crisp morning air mixed with the smell of cowboy coffee and the campfire it's prepared over.  Layover days can be spent simply relaxing, or exploring all the "Bob" has to offer, ranging from hiking rocky mountain peaks to fishing crystal-clear streams.  Scrumptious, healthy meals are prepared by our talented camp cook, leaving you with a full belly ready for nights capped off by camaraderie around the campfire.  Your safety and comfort are of the upmost importance to us.  Our knowledgeable guides will help attain each of those, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the majestic landscapes, flora, and wildlife we encounter throughout the trip. 

We also have guided fair chase elk, bear, and deer hunts in the fall and spring bear hunts available. Check out the 'Big Game Hunts' tab to learn more. 


About the 'Bob'

Named after an early forester and conservationist, the Bob Marshall Wilderness is over 1.5 million acres of roadless terrain, leaving it as one of the most completely preserved mountain ecosystems in the world. It contains the kind of wilderness most people can only imagine; rugged peaks, alpine lakes, grassy meadows, shimmering streams, and big river valleys.

The Wilderness runs for 60 miles along the Continental Divide, with elevations ranging from 4,000 feet to more than 9,000 feet. A huge escarpment called the Chinese Wall highlights the Bob's vast beauty, with an average height of more than 1,000 feet and a length of 22 miles.

With more than 1,000 miles of a well-developed trail system, the 'Bob' is prime location for horse back and mule-pack trips. Its array of wildlife also allows for trophy fishing and hunting trips, all of which are available through Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters! 

Our Team

Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters is owned and operated by Trent Osburn. Trent is a native to Montana and has ample experience in the backcountry. Growing up hunting with his dad and brothers, and outfitting prior to buying Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters, Trent has the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the trip of a lifetime in the most unforgettable way possible. 

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