We at Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters are really excited about the 2017 hunting season at our Cabin Creek hunting camp!  Our commitment when we started the business several years ago was to build slowly and always keep the highest quality experience and your safety as our top priority.  We have several returning hunters in 2017 that hunted with us on previous hunts.  In fact, due to the interest we have received, we have added an additional hunt in 2017 that goes into mid-October.  We try to keep our number of hunters at no more than 5 per hunt to give you the best experience possible.  Our summer business has nearly tripled in the last 8 years, and thanks to our great guests, the future of our summer roving trips throughout the “Bob” remains strong and exciting.  While on our summer trips each year, we have guests that ask about coming back to hunt in the fall.   Our Cabin Creek hunting camp is a spectacular location for our stopovers in the summer and an exceptional fall hunting camp.  It is deep into the Bob, but still a reasonable 1 day ride in.  The drainage is a mix of alpine lakes, ridges, streams and basins.  The slopes are a mixture of green mature timber and burned areas with new regrowth.  The head of the basin is remnant glaciers at elevations just over 9000 feet.  The cumulative benefit of all these habitat types is it offers all the essential needs for wildlife.  The area is big enough that we can spread out a limited amount of hunting pressure and harvest bulls at a rate that will keep the bull:cow ratios sustainable, and allow the age structure of mature bulls in the population to increase.  We will be offering only a limited number of hunts each fall.  We want you to experience a traditional fall hunting camp with comradery and relaxation, where you are warm, dry, well fed and comfortable in camp and have a reasonable opportunity to harvest a Montana Bull Elk or Buck Deer. Again, the quality of the total experience remains our priority.  The hunting is generally not easy, although we have options close to camp for those that are looking for less physically demanding hunts.  However, the rewards are big.  If you are considering a fair chase elk or deer hunt,  in one of America’s “Crown Jewel” Wilderness areas, we hope you will visit with us to see if we can meet your expectations.

Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters - Missoula, Montana