Unique pictures of the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Unique pictures of the Bob Marshall Wilderness: On Sunday, January 25, Connie and I flew back from Scottsdale, AZ where we were visiting our oldest son Chad.  Missoula was fogged in and after circling for about ½ hour, the pilot of the Allegiant Air jet we were on decided to fly to Great Falls to wait out the fog.  I’m guessing we were about 18,000 feet for the short flight to Great Falls.  We flew just to the South End of the Bob Marshall pretty much above Highway 200.  The detour turned out to be a great photo opportunity out of my window.  Visibility was well over 100 miles, looking north across the Bob Marshall, across Glacier Park and into Canada.  I thought I would share the pictures with you.


Clearwater Junction.West boundryIn this picture you can see Clearwater Junction (lower left) and looking north into Seeley Lake and the Swan Valley.  You can see the entire west boundary of the Bob Marshall. (click on picture to enlarge)






North Fork of the Blackfoot TH

In this picture you can see the North Fork of the Blackfoot where our corrals are located.  Ovando, MT valley is in the bottom and the Scapegoat and Bob Marshall to the north. (click on picture to enlarge)





The Chinese WallIn this picture you are looking into the Sun River country.  At this angle the Chinese Wall is there but hard to see with the snow. (click on picture to enlarge)





Sun River Country

In this picture you can see the East Front of the Rockies and our newest addition to Wilderness (thanks Senators Tester, Walsh and Daines!).  Haystack (looks like a pyramid from this angle) is distinctive just to the right of the mountains, just out on the prairie.  You can see into the Sun River country and if you look close, you can see the snow covered Chinese Wall in the upper left. (click on picture to enlarge)



These are a great reminder of just how big and beautiful the Bob Marshall is.  Can’t wait to get back in the saddle!

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